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Help / Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is Venfino?

Venfino is a free online directory/search engine of New York City locations for private events. Our resource helps you secure a venue that best fits your needs, and we offer comprehensive profiles for all of our spaces to assist you in your research.

How do I use Venfino?

Venfino makes it simple for you to contact potential event spaces for your next event or party. Start with a simple search of our New York City Venue Directory -- our robust FindMyVenue® Search Function instantly matches you to only those venues that can accommodate your event details. When you come across a venue that interests you, simply click on Contact This Venue on its profile page and create a new Venfino event inquiry. The venue's full contact information will be instantly provided to you once your inquiry is submitted. Best of all, once you've created a Venfino event inquiry, you can easily submit it to other Venfino venues within seconds.

As an added benefit, we always compare your event's requirements (# of guests, dates, layout, budget, catering, etc.) to those of your requested venue(s) in real-time -- matching you with only those locations that fit your needs.

Once you submit an event inquiry, your event details will immediately be sent to the venue, and you will also be given their contact information. The venue's coordinator will gladly answer your questions, prepare a proposal and/or set up an appointment.

What is the cost of using and am I obligated to book one of your venues?

Venfino is a free resource for both personal and professional event planners, and you have no obligation to book any of the event spaces that list with us.

What types of events can you accommodate?

Our venues can accommodate many kinds of corporate and personal events. Companies often use Venfino for media events, product launches, meetings/conferences, fundraisers, holiday parties, fashion shows and photo/film shoots. Personal clients use Venfino for weddings, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, anniversary parties and many other special occasions.

Event Spaces

What kinds of venues should I expect to find in your directory?

We try to maintain a very diverse list of New York City event spaces: banquet halls, lofts, restaurants, galleries, lounges, cruise ships, landmarks and more. Please don't hesitate to send us any of your suggestions!

Why don't I see the actual venue names right away?

In order for a venue to track how many people are referred by Venfino as a result of its advertising efforts, the exact name and contact information of the space are not initially shown. Not to worry -- you will be provided with the venue's contact information as soon as you complete your event inquiry!

What is a VENcode?

Each Venfino event space is assigned a unique VENcode or ID. Any location's VENcode can always be found in the top left corner of its profile.

How can I find out catering and rental costs for a specific venue?

Depending on the size, type, date and requirements of your event, rental fees and catering costs can vary greatly from one venue to another. While exact pricing/proposals can only be provided to you by each venue's events department, our system will always compare your event's budget with the minimum spend required by each of your requested venues and notify you if the minimum exceeds what you are willing to pay.

Is it possible to find out the availability of a venue prior to submitting my request?

Since it is virtually impossible for us to maintain an up-to-date calendar for all of our locations, only the venue itself will be able to tell you whether a specific date is available. Once you submit an event request to a venue, you will immediately be given their contact information and can then inquire directly about availability.

Will Venfino be able to guide me through the process of selecting a venue?

While we constantly strive to improve our service's features and content to ensure a smooth customer experience, we are not able to offer customized event proposals or accompany you to a venue visit. However, our unique FindMyVenue® Search Function allows you to enter many criteria when searching for an event space -- you'll see your venue matches right away!

You can also rest assured that our venues will promptly and effectively assist you with all the details of your event. Any venue listed on has committed to delivering excellent customer service, and we take all the necessary steps to monitor its performance, including collecting your feedback on a regular basis.

Marketing Your Venue

How can Venfino help my venue with group and private events?

We offer customized marketing programs to all kinds of New York City event spaces. Our programs are built to accommodate marketing budgets of all sizes, thus allowing small independent locations and large venues to equally benefit from our service. Please Contact Us to receive more information about our marketing services and to schedule a consultation.

Can I simply purchase an online listing for my venue?

Unfortunately, we do not offer online-only listings to hospitality venues at this time. Every Venfino marketing program is customized for your venue type and involves campaigns across various mediums, including online.

If you're interested in learning more about our multi-channel marketing programs, please Contact Us to schedule a consultation.